Prof Ian Hazlett

Quincentennial Speakers

‘Wishart and the Swiss Confession of Faith’

Professor Hazlett discussed George Wishart’s relationship to the Swiss Confession of faith 1536, otherwise known as the First Helvetic Confession, created in the first generation of the Reformation. Matters considered in the talk included:

  1. what a confession of faith was and its function.
  2. What the context, content and purpose was of the 1536 Swiss Confession.
  3. Wishart’s encounter with the Confession when abroad in the late 1530s.
  4. The impact of the Confession on Wishart and his translation of it into (English).
  5. Possible allusions, direct or indirect, to the Confession during Wishart’s trial for heresy.
  6. The circumstances of the publication of the Confession in English a year or two after Wishart’s demise.
  7. Influence of the Confession on Scotland in relation to other confessions.