Prof Iain Torrence

Quincentennial Speakers

‘George Wishart’s place on a trajectory from Patrick Hamilton to the Scots Confession’

< Given the lack of any known writings by George Wishart himself, Professor Torrance worked on the assumption that, although only the translator, not the author, George Wishart was more than likely to have accepted the contents of the first Swiss Confession of Faith.  He also used Wishart’s responses to questioning at his trial, as recorded by Foxe and Knox, to show that Wishart had moved from the early, Lutheran views expressed by the first Scottish Reformation Martyr, Patrick Hamilton, to a set of beliefs more influenced by the Swiss reformers such as Calvin.  In a detailed analysis of his source documents Professor Torrance showed how the Scottish Confession, written in 1560 by a small group under Wishart’s disciple, John Knox, set the reformed church in Scotland in a Calvinistic frame and suggested that without Wishart’s influence, the present day Church of Scotland would have been rather different.