Notable Wisharts

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Sylvia Wishart
George Wishart
(Evangelical Preacher & Martyr)
Jack G Wishart
(Genealogist & Army Officer)
James Wishart
(Industrialist & Philanthropist)
David Wishart
(Manufacturer & Genealogist)
Sir James Wishart
Peter C A Wishart
John Wishart
(Oil & Rubber Magnate)
Jock Wishart
John M G Wishart
Mary W Wishart
(Lady Provost)
George Wishart
John Wishart
David W Wishart
William Wishart
William Wishart
(Minister & Educationalist)
Robert Wishart
Martin Wishart
(Chef & Restauranteur)
James Wishart
(Sea Captain)
Dr David Wishart
(Statistician & Whisky Connoisseur)
Fraser Wishart
(Footballer, Coach & Chief Executive)
Pete Wishart
Ruth Wishart
Ernest E Wishart
Sir John Wishart
(Landowner & Religious Activist)
Spencer Wishart
(Racing Driver)
Mary C Wishart