Wishart, Robert (c.1240–1316)

A. A. M. Duncan, first published 2004, Wishart, Robert (c.1240–1316), bishop of Glasgow, was born into a family from the Mearns. He was the nephew or relative or, possibly, son of William Wishart, bishop of St Andrews from 1273 to 1279, who secured Robert’s early promotion as archdeacon in 1267. It is not known where […]

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The Book of Wallace

Extract from the Book of Wallace (Volume II, pages 276-281) by the Rev. Charles Rodgers, D.D., LL.D. 1889 The surname of Guiscard or Wiscbard, an appellative implying skill or prowess, was conferred on Robert, son of Tancred de Hauteville of Normandy, afterwards Duke of Calabria, who died on the 27th July 1085. Guiscard was also […]

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The Book of Glasgow Cathedral

edited by George Eyre-Todd, 1898 (Pages 74 – 82) Hitherto nearly all the bishops of Glasgow had taken a prominent part in the government of the kingdom, but presently, at the decisive climax of Scotland’s history, Glasgow was to furnish a bishop great enough to checkmate the aggressions of the greatest of the English kings.  […]

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