What is Wishart Connections?

Wishart Connections has been created as a mouthpiece for Wisharts around the world to tell their family stories and also read about the lives of others who have, until now, been largely forgotten in time.

Are Wisharts Involved With Running the Site?

Yes, Scott Wishart, who built the site, has fostered an ever growing interest in the surname for some years. His curiosity was sparked in early 2001 when he made an enquiry to the late Jack Wishart about his family tree and within weeks found he had living relatives he never knew about, and new found knowledge of Wishart ancestors stretching back to the late eighteenth century. In more recent years his interest has spread beyond his own family and he has amassed a substantial collection of articles about Wisharts from books, magazines and newspapers. He will be regularly posting transcriptions of these on the site with the addition of other biographical details sourced from official records and various other documents. In September 2015 our family genealogist, Jack Wishart, died suddenly in Edinburgh. He was the first point of contact for the majority of Wisharts interested in their family trees for almost four decades, and following his death Scott will be continuing his work once Jack’s archive has been sorted and catalogued. If you have any family tree enquiries in the meantime please fill out our contact form and Scott will attempt to assist you with the information he already has at his disposal. Jean Wilson (neé Wishart) is to be credited for naming the site and for conceiving much of its structure.

What Can I Do?

We would love to hear the stories of your Wishart ancestors, whether they be a short anecdote, poignant letter, photograph or anything you think would be interesting to the wider Wishart community.

How Can I Submit?

You can either email your information or fill out our online form.

I Have Photographs…..

If you have any photographs of anyone named Wishart we’d love to include them on this site. Submission can be either via email or through our Flickr Wishart Connections group. It’s easy to join the group once registered with Flickr and please do not hesitate to write as much, or as little as you like about each photograph.

I am Interested in my Family Tree

Please contact Scott Wishart through our contact form. Prior to his sudden death, Jack Wishart had catalogued over 22,500 Wishart names on his database and had organised most of them into over one hundred and fifty-five family trees. These are in the process of being moved into Scott’s care.

My Ancestor Fought in World War One

In 2010 Scott Wishart began a four year project to document and write biographies of all the men and women bearing the Wishart surname who served overseas during the Great War. The results of his ongoing research are constantly being published and updated on his ‘Wishart Great War‘ website.

I am Interested in Wishart Tartan

To read more about the development and design of the Wishart tartan please visit Dr. David Wishart’s ‘Wishart Society‘ website.

I Used to Know Someone Called Wishart, Can You Help Me Find Them?

Unfortunately that is beyond the remit of this site and better suited to specialist people tracing companies such as missingyou.net

Is There a Wishart DNA Project?

Yes, please see the project page on this website.