Bishop Robert Wishart

Robert Wishart was Bishop of Glasgow during the Wars of Scottish Independence and a leading supporter of Sir William Wallace and Robert Bruce. For Wishart and many of his fellow churchmen the freedom of Scotland and the freedom of the Scottish church were one and the same thing. His support for the national cause was to be of crucial importance at some critical times.

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Bannockburn 2014

2014 marks the seven-hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and the famous victory of Robert the Bruce, who finally expelled English troops from Scottish soil. To mark this event, the National Trust for Scotland will open an exciting new Visitor centre at Bannockburn in late June.

What few people realise is that Robert may never have become King and been in the position to lead the Scottish forces if it weren’t for Bishop Robert Wishart of Glasgow; who first heard Bruce’s confession and forgave him for the murder of a rival on sacred ground (an excommunicable offence) before giving the blessing at Bruce’s coronation. Wishart’s story extends back to the latter half of the 13th Century, when he became one of the six Guardians of Scotland, and in addition to ‘The Bruce’, was an early supporter and friend of William Wallace.

Wisharts by blood and name, their extended families and friends will have an opportunity to drink a toast to this remarkable member of their family on 21 June 2014 AND have a private preview of the new Visitor Centre (where we believe that Bishop Wishart is covered in the display material) before its official opening.


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